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Daniel Harris

Daniel Hayes

Daniel J Boorstin

Daniel J Levinson

Daniel James Cabrillo

Daniel Jonah Goldhagen

Daniel K Benjamin

Daniel Kamish

Daniel Keyes

Daniel M Hoffman

Daniel M Kanemoto

Daniel P Bolger

Daniel R Fusfeld

Daniel Reid

Daniel Rozensztroch

Daniel Wallace

Daniel Wolfe

Daniel Yergin

Daniella Chace

Danielle Ruest

Danielle Steel

Danilo Dolci

Danny Hoch

Danquah Meri Nana Ama


Dante Fichera

Daphna Rabinovitch

Daphne Du Maurier

Daphne Rose Kingma

Daria Dolan

Darice Bailer

Darin Dillon

Darin Ingels

Darlene Clark Hine

Darlene Cohen

Darlene Johnson

Darlene Trew Crist

Darrel Ince

Darrel Whitcomb

Darrell Bricker

Darrell Cole

Darrell Dawsey

Darrell Max Craig

Darren Willaims

Darrin Keith Bastfield

Darryl P Black

Darryl Roberts

Darryl Young

Daryl Kulak

Daryl R Conner

Daryn Eller

Dashiell Hammett

Dava Sobel

Dave Barry

Dave Baum

Dave Berry

Dave Bidini

Dave Broadfoot

Dave Burchett

Dave Campbell

Dave Dewitt

Dave Dzatko

Dave Eggers

Dave Ellis

Dave Ezzio

Dave Foreman

Dave Garbot

Dave Grossman

Dave Hischman

Dave Jackson

Dave Jarzyna

Dave Kramer

Dave Lowry

Dave Pelz

Dave Raggett

Dave Wolverton

David Abram

David Alderton

David Almond

David Anderson

David Andrusia

David Anthony Durham

David Ariel

David Armstrong

David Bach

David Baldacci

David Ball

David Baronov

David Bell

David Bellin

David Benjamin

David Benyon

David Bercuson

David Berlinski

David Biale

David Biedny

David Birmingham

David Biro

David Bischoff

David Black

David Blaine

David Blatner

David Bodanis

David Bohm

David Boller

David Boyum

David Brin

David Brinkley

David Brock

David Brooks

David Burke

David Burn

David C Major

David Cannadine

David Card

David Carlson

David Carroll

David Cassady

David Chadwick

David Chilton

David Chong

David Clark

David Colbert

David Collins

David Cook

David Corbett

David Cordingly

David Cork

David Cornwell

David Crane

David Cutting

David D Coleman

David D Riley

David Damico

David Daniel

David D Aprix

David Dary

David Day

David Denby

David Dorsey

David Drake

David Dungan

David Ebershoff

David Eddings

David Elkind

David F Bjorklund

David Fisher

David Fitz Enz

David Fox

David France

David Fromkin

David Frum

David Gallen

David Ganz

David Garlan

David Garmus

David Gates

David Gemmell

David Gessner

David Gimour

David Ginsburg

David Glover

David Goleman

David Goodis

David Grand

David Gurle

David Guterson

David H Bennett

David Hackworth

David Halberstam

David Hall

David Handler

David Handley

David Harel

David Harrison

David Hawsey

David Herbert Donald

David Herman

David Herron

David Hilfiker

David Hill

David Hodgson

David Hollander

David Holmes

David Horovitz

David Hritz

David Hume

David Hustard

David I Kertzer

David Ignatius

David Isay

David Ives

David J Catrow

David J Kroll

David James Duncan

David Jessel

David Jordan

David K Eiteman

David Kahn

David Kamish

David Kansas

David Keys

David Kherdian

David Kimmel

David Klinghoffer

David Knight

David Konow

David Kopp

David Krumholtz

David Kull

David Kusher

David L Cohen

David L Gold

David L Harrison

David L Robbins

David Lamb

David Lansbury

David LaPlaca

David Larkin

David Lash

David Lawson

David Leavitt

David Lehman

David Leibowitz

David Letterman

David Levithan

David Levy

David Lewis

David Life

David Lindsey

David Linthicum

David Liss

David Lodge

David Louis

David Lowe

David Lowenherz

David Lubar

David Lucas

David Luckham

David Lynch

David Lyon

David M Bader

David M Brodzinsky

David M Rorvik

David M Weiss

David MacEnulty

David Macfarlane

David Magarshack

David Malouf

David Mitchell

David Noel Freedman

David R Butenhof

David R Eyler

David R Hanson

David R Roediger

David R Veerman

David Rakoff

David Ramsdale

David Reilly

David Remnick

David Rensin

David Reuben

David Richo

David Robertson

David Rockefeller

David Rosenberg

David Rosenegarten

David S Linthicum

David S Reynolds

David S Wilcove

David Sacks

David Vandevoorde

David Viscott

David Webester

David Weitzman

David Wendelken

David Whyte

David Wingrove

David Winston

David Wise

David Wojnarowicz

David Zeman

David Zieroth

David Zigelman

David Zindel

Davis Love

Davis T Bunn

Davor Gornik

Dawn E Reno

Dayal Kaur Khalsa

Dayna Curry

Dayton Duncan

Dea Birkett

Dean Evans

Dean H Hamer

Dean King

Dean Koontz

Dean Leffingwell

Dean R Riess

Dean Taikahashi

Deanna Washington

Debbie Bertram

Debbie Carson

Debbie Dadey

Debbie Duffy

Debbie Felder

Debi Gliori

Deborah Adams

Deborah Berger

Deborah Call

Deborah Cashen

Deborah Copaken Kogan

Deborah Cox

Deborah Crombie

Deborah Digges

Deborah Donnelly

Deborah Dumaine

Deborah Ellis

Deborah Garrison

Deborah Guest

Deborah Hautzig

Deborah Heiligman

Deborah Hembrook

Deborah Hopkinson

Deborah Howe

Deborah Jacobson

Deborah Kurata

Deborah Larsen

Deborah Layton

Deborah Levine

Deborah Madison

Deborah Moggach

Deborah Raney

Deborah Wiles

Deborah Wood

Debra Dickerson

Debra Fulghum Bruce

Debrena Jackson Gandy

Dee Brestine

Dee Davis

Dee Kiamy

Dee Lillegard

Deepak Chopra

Deirdre English

Deke Castleman

Delbert Hillers

Delia Ephron

Deline Bruser

Della Borton

Della Rowland

Delorese Ambrose

Delorys Welch Tyson

Demian Linn

Demitri Kornegay

Denby Fawcett

Denis Boyles

Denis Diderot

Denis Forman

Denis Lawson

Denis Leary

Denise Austin

Denise Chavez

Denise Giardina

Denise Hamilton

Denise Linn

Denise Little

Denise Whichello Brown

Dennis Altman

Dennis Bock

Dennis Burke

Dennis Cummings

Dennis deChampeaux

Dennis E Hensley

Dennis Foley

Dennis Kmibro

Dennis Longwell

Dennis Rodman

Dennis W Carlton

Denys Davis

Derek Ferguson

Derek Humphry

Derek Jeter

Derek Lambert

Derek Lundy

Derek Raymond

Dermot Bolger

Desmond Francis D Souza

Detlef Ingo Lauf

Devin A Garrity

Dewayne Wickham

Dewey Lambdin

Dhyani Ywahoo

Dian Cohen

Dian Dincin Buchman

Diana Atkinson

Diana Collingwood Butts

Diana Edkins

Diana Gabaldon

Diana Johnson

Diana Kennedy

Diane Ackerman

Diane Burns

Diane Eble

Diane Flynn Keith

Diane Gage

Diane Johnson

Diane Mott Davidson

Diane Ravitch

Diane Rehm

Diane Roberts

Diane Roupe

Diane Vaughan

Diane Vereen

Diane Wolkstein

Dianna Booher

Dianne Day

Dianne Hales

Dianne York Goldman

Dick Brennan

Dick Couch

Dick Francis

Dick Hamlet

Dick Irvin

Dick King Smith

Dick Reavis

Dick Weissman

Dileri Borunda Johnson

Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

Dimitri Makhashvilli

Dionne Brand

Dirk Riehle

Dirk Verworner

Dirk Zeller

Dixie Franklin

Dolan Ken

Dolf Zantinqe

Dolores Cotter Lamping

Dolores Johnson

Dolores Koch

Domenick D Andrea

Dominic J Houlder

Dominick Dunne

Dominque Lapierre

Don Aslett

Don Berliner

Don Box

Don Carter

Don Coldsmith

Don Delillo

Don E Waldman

Don Ericson

Don Fleming

Don Gabor

Don George

Don Gillmor

Don Greene

Don Hannah

Don Herbert

Don Ledger

Don Leslie

Don Richard Riso

Don Roberts

Don Tapscott

Don Wells

Don Widrig

Don Winslow

Don Yaeger

Donald Antrim

Donald B Webester

Donald Baack

Donald Burgett

Donald Calne

Donald Cook

Donald Dyer

Donald E Knuth

Donald F Glut

Donald F Klien

Donald F Reuter

Donald Firesmith

Donald Greydanus

Donald Hamblen

Donald Harstad

Donald Houston

Donald J Reifer

Donald Jack

Donald Jenner

Donald Justice

Donald Kagan

Donald Katz

Donald Kaufman

Donald Kladstrup

Donald Klopfer

Donald L Caldwell

Donald Ladew

Donald Mackay

Donald O Clifton

Donald R Gallo

Donald R Howard

Donald Vandergriff

Donald W Goodwin

Donald Worster

Donald Wuerl

Donn Kushner

Donna Boyd

Donna Cardillo

Donna Conrad

Donna Cooner

Donna Cross

Donna Cunningham

Donna Gaines

Donna Grassby

Donna Greiner

Donna Kauffman

Donna L Baker

Donna Lang

Donna Pliner Rodnitzky

Donna Randall

Donna Tartt

Donna Warner

Donnell Alexander

Donovan Webester

Doranna Durgin

Doreen Garrett

Dorie Greenspan

Doris Cross

Doris Goodwin

Doris Haddack

Doris Lessing

Doris M Baker

Dorit Rabinyan

Dorothy Bryant

Dorothy Cannell

Dorothy Carnegie

Dorothy Cohen

Dorothy Dunnett

Dorothy E Denning

Dorothy Ederer

Dorothy Gallagher

Dorothy Gault Mcnemee

Dorothy J Gaiter

Dorothy Jackson Kite

Dorothy Kay Brockman

Dorothy Kunhardt

Dorothy Lekmkuhl

Dorothy Otnow Lewis

Dorothy Roberts

Dorothy Sayers

Dorothy West

Doug Bennet

Doug Bryan

Doug Dechow

Doug Dollemore

Doug Glener

Doug Isenberg

Doug Lansky

Doug Richardson

Doug Rosenberg

Doug Wallace

Douglas Adams

Douglas Angus

Douglas Brouwer

Douglas Century

Douglas Coupland

Douglas Evans

Douglas Fetherling

Douglas French

Douglas G Flemons

Douglas Gillette

Douglas Gorsline

Douglas Greene

Douglas Hackney

Douglas Hofstadter

Douglas K Van Duyne

Douglas Kramer

Douglas L Root

Douglas Lea

Douglas Lee

Douglas R Johnson

Douglas Rees

Douglas Rushkoff

Douglas Waller

Douglas Whynott

Douglas Wilson

Dov Bulka

Dov Jacobson

Dr Seuss

Drew C Lamm

Drew Gilpin Faust

Duane Chapman

Dudjom Rinpocher

Dudley Delffs

Dudley Randal

Duff Conacher

Duncan Hislop

Durwin Rice

Dustin R Callaway

Dwight Edwards

Dwight Kuhn

Dylan Landis

E A Bennet

E B White

E Barrie Kavasch

E D Hirsch

E Franklin Frazier

E L Doctorow

E L Konigsburg

E M Flanagan

E M Forster

E Nancy Wallace

E R Frank

E T A Hoffman

E W Kemble

E X Ferrars

Eamonn Guiney

Earl B Lewis

Earl Emerson

Earle Birney

Earlene Fowler

Earnie Larsen

Earvin Magic Johnson

Eavan Boland

Ebbitt Cutler

Eboni Snoe

Echerri Vicente

Echo Heron

Ed Arnold

Ed Conze

Ed Copony

Ed Emanuel

Ed Goldman

Ed Greenspan

Ed Holloway

Ed Holm

Ed Joyce

Ed Kramer

Ed Kugler

Ed Rollins

Ed Young

Ed Zotti

Eddie V Rickenbacker

Eddy Joe Cotton

Eden Gray

Eden Lipson

Edgar Bowers

Edgar Cayce

Edgar J Goodspeed

Edgar Leoni

Edgar Parin D Aulaire

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Edie Evans

Edith Fiore

Edith Kunhardt Davis

Edith Lederer

Edith Velmans

Edith Wharton

Edmond Browning

Edmond Rostand

Edmund White

Edna B Foa

Edna O Brien

Edo Belkom Van

Eduora Welty

Edvard Radzinsky

Edward A Charlesworth

Edward A Lee

Edward A Levenston

Edward Abbey

Edward Alcamo

Edward Ball

Edward Burns

Edward Carey

Edward Cohen

Edward De Grazia

Edward Eager

Edward Edinger

Edward Espe Brown

Edward F Campbell

Edward Finstein

Edward Gargan

Edward Gibbon

Edward Giobbi

Edward Gorman

Edward Hallet Carr

Edward Herridge

Edward Hisrch

Edward Hoagland

Edward Hoffman

Edward Hotaling

Edward J Cleary

Edward J Renehan

Edward Kit

Edward Klien

Edward L Beck

Edward Lear

Edward M Hallowell

Edward N Dekker

Edward O Willson

Edward Raymer

Edward Rutherford

Edward Rutherfurd

Edward S Herman

Edward T Hall

Edward V Eusebi

Edward Whalden

Edward Zeigler

Edwardo Jackson

Edwidge Danticat

Edwin Bernbaum

Edwin Black

Edwin P Hoyt

Edwin Shrake

Edwin Williams

Effie Leland Wilder

Efrem Korn

Ehud Havazelet

Eileen Behan

Eileen Cronin

Eileen Egan

Eileen Welsome

Eilzabeth Kuhns

Eitan M Gurari

Eknath Easwaran

Elaine Aron

Elaine Brown

Elaine Corn

Elaine Costello

Elaine Cunningham

Elaine England

Elaine Ford

Elaine Gewirtz Waldorf

Elaine Greenstein

Elaine Lafferty

Elaine T Hall

Elaine Viets

Eldridge Cleaver

Eleanor Berman

Eleanor Clark

Eleanor Coerr

Eleanor Hudson

Eleanor Lawrence

Elenore Smith Bowen

Elfriede Dustin

Eli Barnavi

Eli M Roth

Elia Wise

Eliana Gil

Eliane Lonergan

Elias Canetti

Elinor Levy

Eliot A Cohen

Eliot Wigginton

Elisa Bertino

Elisa Carbone

Elisa Fryling

Elisabeth Bing

Elisabeth Bumiller

Elisabeth Eaves

Elisabeth Guthrie

Elisabeth Harvor

Elise Babcock

Elise Levine

Eliseo Alberto

Elisha Hunt Rhodes

Elizabeth A King

Elizabeth Adler

Elizabeth Alder

Elizabeth Alston

Elizabeth Baird

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Elizabeth Berg

Elizabeth Bowen

Elizabeth Boyle

Elizabeth Butterfield

Elizabeth Campbell

Elizabeth Clark

Elizabeth Cody Kimmel

Elizabeth Cohen

Elizabeth Cox

Elizabeth Craft

Elizabeth Dane

Elizabeth Danziger

Elizabeth Debold

Elizabeth Elliott

Elizabeth Enright

Elizabeth Falconer

Elizabeth Fox Genovese

Elizabeth Gaskell

Elizabeth George

Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Grayson

Elizabeth Grumbach

Elizabeth Gunn

Elizabeth Hall

Elizabeth Hand

Elizabeth Harbison

Elizabeth Hardwick

Elizabeth Hollander

Elizabeth Hollinger

Elizabeth Honey

Elizabeth Inness Brown